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April 25, 2013
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Dalek Evolution 4) Dead Planet by Librarian-bot Dalek Evolution 4) Dead Planet by Librarian-bot
Centuries pass and the Dalek race expands beneath Skaro's ravaged surface. The Kaled Elite's fortified Bunker becomes the heart of a vast labyrinth of tunnels and metal caverns. In time, the Dalek architects break through into the polluted air, constructing a sprawling city to house their ever swelling numbers.

Protected against the fallout of the war within their casings, the Daleks prosper, delving deep into the planet for resources untapped during the Thousand Year War. But with a world in ruins and a scientific orthodoxy denying the existence of alien life, the expansion gives way to complacency. Outside of necessary repairs and mining, the city's inhabitants abandon regular use of their battery packs and come to rely on their habitat's internal power grid instead. Isolated from the outside universe, the Daleks devote themselves to technological advance and the perfection of their environment.


I did consider that this might be too plain...but the design of the corridors in the Dalek city are so evocative that I can't think of anything that would evoke 'The Mutants' better.


The Daleks belong to Terry Nation's estate, this picture belongs to me and so do the props, sets and dressing.
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SickleYield Aug 13, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I like the composition and the cool, clean lighting on this one.  May I ask what you render in?
Thanks! I model and render in Blender, using the in-built renderer.
SickleYield Aug 15, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Oh cool.  :)  I've used Blender for modeling for some time as well, but since I sell content for DS of course I mostly render in 3Delight.
maxkenn Jun 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Happy birthday, my friend.
-and in dramatic terms I think it would be chilling to meet one's former child or spouse in cyber-guise, emotionlessly stating that it remembers that former life... (though in "Rise o' the Cybermen" this was a bit OTT...)
-actually... on the subject of Cybermen (and yep, this is a Dalek thread, I know)...

Do you see them retaining full memory of their human/oid lives? I'm guessing a lot of fandom don't accept this... but I am thinking that full memory of former life would not be wiped, a) because that knowledge might contain valuable information in concious or unconcious memories, and b) because its just not necessary anyway. Being totally emotionless* would mean that no matter how happy / sad a former life was, it would be meaningless to cyber-existence. Your thoughts?

*I Do like the idea of the Cybermen having a sort of "subconcious pride", as one of your followers put it. Their knowledge that they are physically superior and near-immortal would manifest as a sort of pride, I think.
Crumbs. Two whole weeks of 'I must reply - distraction'? That must be a record!

I don't think I've ever thought of them retaining their memories. At least, if they did, I don't think they would see them as 'their' memories any more. I mean, they might retain the information, but I think the cyber-conversion process would destroy any sense of identity. After all, they no longer have the physical context for the memories - a lot of interesting philosophy of mind has it that the way we experience the world is intimately tied to the constant background sensations of being embodied, and being embodied in a specific, human form. This extends even to memory, where what we remember and how we remember it is just as tied to what being us feels like. Since the Cybermen have completely cut out most of their physical sensations, they wouldn't really be able to understand anything beyond the basic facts of who, what and when.

All that said, you're probably right about the pride thing. They are better. It's only logical.
-yeah... Again, you hit the nail on the head there. I guess you were the one who sold me on Cybermen retaining their humanoid/original skeletons - organic bones artificially modified via augmentation through mineral solutions - something like that, if not being totally smashed up first.

I guess when limbs can detach / twist, it negates the idea of there being organic tendons or bones inside. Yep, robotic. Somehow, they lose a LOT of their scary-ness if they're erring more on the generic "badass robot" side...

Do you got any more Dalek stuff coming up? Or dare I say, a Davros chair..?

Eddy :-)
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